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Mid-Autumn Lanterns – the shops

Mid-Autumn festival is upon us. Here in Hong Kong is it signified by lots of colourful lanterns and the eating of Moon cakes.

I wanted to share with you what some of the shops look like at this time of year.

Check out all those lanterns.. fish, sheep, cartoon characters… the choice can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry though…

You have a whole street of lantern shops to choose from. 🙂

While out, we also decided to head over to Pokfulam. It is kind of trendy these days with some of the ex-pat community because you can be self sufficient over there without having to leave your apartment complex – literally! However, it does have an amazing view to outlying islands and the ships that moor waiting to come into the freight terminals.

I don’t know about you – but I think it is kind of pretty in an industrial kind of way…

Later that evening, the kids wanted to go to the playground. It is lit up at night time.

Do not try that on the REAL school bus Bethany!!!

Even daddy likes the new playground and seems to spend an awful lot of time on the slides for an adult. Maybe I should teach him to read the playground is only for kids under 13. Mind you, Mitchell LOVES racing daddy down these slides and then racing back up in fits of laughter.


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