Bethany / Fun / Mitchell

Miss Junior Hong Kong Top Model

You take your kids to the playground. You take your camera. You THINK you’ll get some nice cute pictures of your kids with nice smiles having fun… You’d be wrong.

Bethany – “oh – mummy – I think it would be really good to take a picture next to this pole”

Me: ok.

Bethany – “Now let me just show you how they pose on ‘Top Model'”

Me: uh – ok…. [took photo] [slapped head]… I’m doomed… aren’t I?!

Bethany  – “Now come over here because I think this spot would be good”

I walk over, I take more photos of poses…

I sigh.

Me: Bethany – couldn’t we just take one normal photo?

Bethany – [hands on hips, breaths out indignantly] Ok. But only with Mitchell.

By this point I wasn’t holding out much hope…

Bethany didn’t let me down. Pleasant surprise. Don’t they both look like their daddy in this picture?

p.s – Sick of the new playground pictures yet? 😉


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