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Swimming off the deep end…

Bethany’s birthday party… and it is about time I made a cake!

Bethany’s request was Ariel, Disney’s little mermaid.

I decided to try and use a good old Edmonds Cookbook recipe to make a basic chocolate cake. It worked well in so far as baking into a character shaped cake tin. I found the actual cake a bit too dry for my liking though, but I am wondering if that is because all my supplies were US or UK based products and not the Australian and New Zealand ones the recipe is designed for…

Mitchell enjoyed the uncooked version and licked as much as he could off the beaters.

I started icing the cake with the sides… you can see how well the cake kept the definition from the cake tin.

Trying to create the face with icing was the hardest part for me. I diverged from the recommended decorating guide for the eyes as I didn’t think they looked right with the icing tip suggested. I used a tip 2, instead of tip 3. I think it worked better.

I was impressed with how well the hair turned out. I wasn’t sure the red would be red enough as it often comes out a salmon colour, but it seemed to work well on the cake, and took on a deeper red hue once it had been in the fridge. All the icing is made with real butter with the exception of the black. I couldn’t get the butter to turn black no matter what I tried, so I had to resort to using shortening (a vegetable form of lard for want of a better description) which made the icing the right shade of black for the outlining.

I added coral and seaweed to the side of the cake, a bit of icing on the board, some writing.. and voila – finished product.

What do you think?


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