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Birthday in Disneyland… A year later…

This time last year, we were in Disneyland for Bethany’s 4th birthday.

We needed to renew our annual passes, so we decided it was worth re-visiting for Bethany’s 5th birthday. The kids never grow tired of the place, and it is a nice day out.

We went out early to have breakfast at the cafe on main street before the actual ‘park’ opened. Bethany had waffles.

She ate the whole thing! I had a taste of Mitchell’s – and it was yummy. I had the pancakes myself, which were also yummy. 🙂

Halloween is upon us, and there were pumpkins everywhere much to the delight of the kids.

Bethany thought this guy was real and was really apprehensive about him until I went up and knocked on his head (‘Trust British Paints? Sure Can!’ – I know the kiwi’s out there will get that one.)

Bethany really wanted to see Donald, and her wish was granted… I was a little disappointed all the characters were in the same Halloween outfits as last year. I was kind of hoping they would mix them up from park to park and rotate them around, but obviously not. Bethany still thought it was cool Daisy was dressed up as Spiderman. I don’t think that is the actual intention of the costume… but we couldn’t help but laugh.

Minnie loved Bethany’s dress. Of course she would – it came from Pumpkin Patch – one of Bethany’s favorite kids clothing line stores.

Bethany also loves the dress and wanted to do a ‘top model’ photoshoot in the Fantasy Gardens…

I am starting to wonder more and more if I should let her have a go at a real photoshoot. I’m reluctant… but all this posing!!!

Bethany had a great day, so did Mitchell. We left just as it started to rain – good timing, and the joy of having an annual pass…


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