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White Chocolate Mud Cake

I felt like making something different and I had a bag or two of white chocolate lying around so I searched the internet for a white chocolate cake recipe. I came across an eggless one that intrigued me. I’ve never made an eggless cake before so I had doubts it would even work. I didn’t expect it to rise or anything… yes – I’m such a pessimist!

Anyways, much to my surprise, the cake turned out GREAT. It rose and cracked just as it was supposed to.

Un-iced and Iced it looked pretty yummy and the house smelt like Milky Bar. 🙂

The taste test was the critical part. Bethany wanted the first slice.

Doesn’t the texture look yummy?

Bethany was so eager to eat the cake, she didn’t even want to slice it up. It got a big thumbs up from her and everyone else who tasted it. What I liked about the taste was that the white chocolate wasn’t overwhelming. It was almost subtle, but very addictive. The next day the cake had taken on a true mud cake texture and was divine.

So the recipe gets two thumbs up. If you are interested in making it yourself, you’ll find the recipe here. Who’d have thought an eggless cake could be so easy to make AND so yummy!!


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