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Trick or Treat!

Halloween is upon us again and Bethany got to go trick or treating again. We had been out and prepared with bagloads of candy – yes – it’s an American tradition and therefore the word candy is appropriate. I had about 400 pieces waiting ready for trick or treaters. We had also been out to the fancy dress shops to get Bethany a costume – Sleeping Beauty. All good right?

An hour before Bethany was due to go trick or treating she comes up to me.

“Mummy I have decided I want to dress up as Supergirl.”

“But you dressed as Supergirl last year” I said.

“Yes, but it wasn’t real. This time I can have the real hair!” Bethany exclaimed.

I tried in futility to get her to dress up as Sleeping Beauty. At the end of the day, she wanted to be the female version of her favorite superhero, so who am I to get in her way.

And as for the real hair… you decide. (We couldn’t stop laughing ourselves)

How does trick or treating work in Hong Kong you say? Well – apartments in our complex nominate if they are willing to give out candy or not. Those who are willing put a special logo on their door and a list of participating apartments is given out to the kids who then go from floor to floor within the complex trick or treating. It isn’t strictly traditional I suppose, but the kids don’t care. We ended up with over 100 trick or treaters knocking on our door. It was fun. Mitchell would get so excited every time the doorbell rang and it was wonderful to see the colours and creativeness of the costumes (and how lazy older kids are when it comes to dressing up) as well as the delight on the kids faces as they got their candy.

Meanwhile, Mitchell tried to take off with the booty when Bethany got home from her trick or treating.

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