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Proud best friend moment

You’ve seen me write about my best friend Fiona before. She has those beautiful ragdoll pussy cats.

Well, she’s just become a “mum” again and look at these adorable snuggly bundles of joy!! They were born in late october and will be ready to go to their new homes after Christmas.

Aren’t they CUTE?

Then there is Rex. He is one of Fiona’s male cats, and he is due to become a first-time daddy himself any day now. Isn’t he handsome? And yes – these cats are as soft and cuddly in real life as they look in the pictures.

Stay tuned for more cute kitten photos as I can nag Fiona to send them to me (and me be organised enough to post them).


One thought on “Proud best friend moment

  1. What beautiful kitties! It makes me want another one, but I have a feeling that would end with me being served with divorce papers. Three is MORE than enough on most days. 😉

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