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Family Fun Day

Titus’s work decided to host their first Hong Kong Christmas Family Fun Day in early December, so we ventured over to Pokfulam to take in some of the festivities. The last family fun day we went to was in Sydney with Ponies, and all kinds of amazing stuff, so it is kind of nice to know families overseas aren’t entirely forgotten.

The first thing we encountered was a decent sized tortoise (or is it a turtle – you tell me).

This friendly fellow was roaming around free – quite literally. We were given lettuce leaves to feed ‘him’, and he was also enjoying playing with some coloured plastic balls (like the ones you would find in a kids ball pit).

As you can see, the kids had a wonderful time petting ‘him’. We soon discovered the tortoise was part of a reptile display which dominated our time at the family fun day as the kids (and myself) wanted to spend time getting to see all the various animals on display. The display was incredibly hands on for both the handlers and the curious.

I got to hold this adorable little snake for a while. I like to think of him as purse sized. I could have easily put him in my purse to take home as a pet, and well – if I did have him in my purse, wouldn’t someone get a shock if they tried to put their hand in to swipe my wallet??? Hehehehe. This snake was too cute. I could have cuddled him happily all day.

Mitchell meanwhile was utterly intrigued by these little frogs. They would jump in and out of his hand or on his arm. As you can tell from the picture he wasn’t afraid of them one little bit, although I got a bit concerned he would squish them when he stood up and started jumping ‘wike a fwog mummy’ as he would say. Interestingly, these frogs were green on top and red on their belly and underside of their legs. I vaguely think the handler said they were from Borneo.

The kids also got to touch a couple of a salamander, blue tongue lizards and a frill necked lizard. Mitchell in particular was in his element.

Bethany also loved the giant inflatable slide and disappeared to go up and down that for quite some time…

Mitchell however…

was NOT a fan, and once was enough for him.


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