Bethany / Christmas / Disneyland / Hong Kong / Mitchell

Christmas Pics…

These are just miscellaneous Christmas pictures taken of the kids.

First off… Disneyland.

We had to wait an hour to get a photo with Mickey and Minnie dressed up for Christmas. In the end it was too long for Mitchell who just wasn’t interested, but Bethany was pretty happy (as always) to see her favorite mice.

The kids caught up with an elf (or is this a Vulcan earning a bit of extra cash) on Main Street USA with a pretty decent sized ‘candy’. Mitchell was over everything by this point, as you can probably tell.

Continuing with the larger than normal theme…

This Mickey plushie soft toy is larger than Bethany!!!

After we got home, the kids had fun in front of the Christmas tree..

Gotta love pictures with santa hats. 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Pics…

  1. I love seeing the pics of the kids at Disneyland and how they grow. B’s dress is adorable; I wish it was warm enough here to have a sleeveless dress for the holidays. I love how Mitchell is just over it in the one photo. Hee. You can tell that you have Disney kids! It’s so great that you guys are able to go at different times of the year!

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