Bethany / Cake Decorating / Christmas

Christmas is a time for cake making…

During December I got a little enjoyment from making cakes.

I had Bethany working hard for me as my official icing colour mixer-upper. 🙂

I made a couple of mud cakes and iced them up with Christmas trees.

One was for charity and sold at a cake stall to raise money for homeless children. I have no idea if it sold or for how much, but hopefully whoever got it enjoyed it. The other I made for Mitchell’s mummy group to enjoy.

I wasn’t happy with the design I did on either cake. My crooked trees drive me nuts and I am disappointed by them, but they are a learning experience and something I have a whole year to build on. Regardless, Bethany had a wonderful time helping me out with the icing.

Something else I did in December was bite the bullet so to speak and attend the second cake decorating course through Complete Deelite. It seems only fair, given I reviewed the first course, I provide the same for this course which I will do in my next post.


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