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First birthday party of the year – Babycakes

The year has barely begun and Bethany’s friends are already celebrating with birthday parties.

On the weekend we attended one over in Ap Lei Chau. I’d seen the signs for that area, but never actually driven on the bridge over there, so it was a bit of an adventure to see yet another new little corner of Hong Kong.

The birthday party was in a ‘Mall’ at a place called Babycakes. Now you know me. I like my cakes and all that. So I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this place before. It makes cupcakes and coffee (or in my case hot chocolate) and has a free childrens play area. How is it I had not heard of this place!!

The play area was cordoned off for the duration of the birthday party with ample tables for adults, and special tables for the kids. A Disney DVD played while the kids laughed, had food and got to experience icing their own cupcake.

You might be thinking Bethany would find that aspect boring, but she had a wonderful time because she was with her friends.

She chose pink (of course) for her icing, and then topped the cupcake with sprinkles.

She was pretty proud of the finished cupcake. In particular when she got to eat it later at home.

Meanwhile, during the candle blowing, Mitchell suddenly sprang into action and wanted to help blow the candles out.

Titus ended up restraining him, despite his attempts to wiggle free. We didn’t expect him to be so ‘inspired’ to participate in candle blowing. At least we know he will be eager when he gets to blow the candles out on his own cake in a few months. 🙂

On a non child related note I was intrigued by the cupcakes at this place. The cupcakes were nice, but the buttercream icing was different from anything I had ever tasted. It wasn’t really sweet like the buttercream I make and it didn’t taste gross like the commercial buttercream made with shortening. It almost tasted marshmellow-y and was of a thin soft consistency. I was impressed by it whatever it is made of and it didn’t give my kids much of a sugar high, so it can’t have been TOO bad.

I ended up purchasing a few of the cupcakes for a friend and I to try. The cupcakes themselves were really nice. Whatever the cake mixture is they use at Babycakes, it isn’t dry. The icing wasn’t quite as nice once it had been in my fridge for a day, but as it thawed out a little the subtlety of the taste seemed to return. The other thing I have to say about this place is the cupcakes come in the cutest packaging. Someone certainly put a lot of thought into it. 🙂

I think I’ll be back sometime for a cupcake, hot chocolate and to let Mitchell play. I’m able to add another interesting kid-friendly venue to my Hong Kong list. Yipee!!


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