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Mah Jong

I’ve recently taken up learning how to play Mah Jong – the real game, NOT the solitaire computerised version. Since a lot of people in Hong Kong can play, we went out and got ourselves a semi-decent Mah Jong set and a Mah Jong table.

As soon as we set it up we had 2 sets of eyes beadily looking over the top of the table, eyeing the tiles excitedly. Bethany asked if she could learn to play too. Our response was “When you learn what all the tiles are”… quite a daunting task given there are 34 different patterns and 136 tiles.

Bethany (and Mitchell) proceeded to sit down and turn the tiles over one by one trying to name them while Mitchell tried to match them into pairs.

I think they had a good time.

Every time we get the Mah Jong set out, they are excited by the prospect, even if we have it set up and end up repeating “No, Don’t Touch” time after time.

As for me, my Mah Jong skills are coming along. I can play more than just a chicken hand and I am working on building up speed. I don’t think I will ever be a god of gamblers but I definitely want to be able to play well enough to try and find some social groups to attend if time permits.

You never know… maybe I’ll be able to Pong and Sheung with the best of them one day. Ha Ha Ha.


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