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A fishy tail…

We went out for a nice quiet kid free dinner to a Steamboat (Hot Pot) restaurant we like in Wan Chai.

We ordered a special plate which came with fish, beef and scallops. It all seemed perfectly fine until the plate was brought out and I realised the WHOLE fish was on the plate. I was a little uneasy, but the fish is dead right? How bad can it be. I picked up a piece of the raw flesh and cooked it in the hot pot. It was as I took the piece of fish out of the hot pot I noticed all was not right with the fish. It’s tail was moving. Flicking jerkily back and forwards, the tailfin flexing.

I freaked. I could NOT keep my eyes off its tail after that, and my appetite for fish diminished rapidly.

Titus’s insight into it was “at least we know the fish is fresh!”, to which I looked at him in a somewhat horrified manner and said “yeah – a little TOO fresh for me.”

The fish was in fact dead. The tail was flicking out of reflex. It was still hard to deal with as the flicking continued for a good 15 minutes or so. I’ve told Titus not to order that particular ‘special’ again.


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