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He’s Three!!

Yup. We’ve come a long way. It seems to have been a much harder road than that travelled for Bethany – and maybe that has to do with illness or perhaps the fact he’s a boy, but my little buddy – Mitchell is now 3. Three! Wow. I still can’t believe it. He starts school in August. How scary is that!

The birthday was a very low-key affair. A couple of friends came over for a play – nice and simple.

Mitchell hates icing, an irony not lost on most of you I imagine given my fondness for decorating. So instead of making him a colourful whizz-bang cake, he got an un-iced Lightning Mcqueen cake, which we served up fresh with ice cream.

He loved it – all good. He loved it even more when he got to blow out the candles. So much so that once wasn’t enough. Nor was twice good enough. Three times for a boy turning three. Yeah – that’s how we do it.


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