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Summer is upon us

Must mean it is time for the beach.

We drove on out to Shek O to discover much of Hong Kong had done the same thing, but it doesn’t matter. Once we secured a parking spot (the most expensive part of the day), an old chinese lady in a wicker hat followed us to an empty spot on the beach, put up a giant sun umbrella for us, laid out two deck chairs, charged us HK$80 and sweeeeet. We were all set up for as long as we wanted.

Daddy sat back and relaxed while the kids played.

We weren’t the only ones on the beach. Look closely in the background and you will see a wall of umbrellas. People would move into the empty slots to enjoy the sun (and the nice sea breeze which helped keep the humidity at bay).

Bethany enjoyed the simple pleasure of burying her feet in the sand. Both the kids enjoyed the freedom of being outdoors and especially the chance to play in the sand. It would have been nicer if we’d had a view of the water, but can’t have everything. 😉


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