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Going for a drive…

Titus decided he wanted to go for a drive, so we got in the car and he headed across to Kowloon. He kept driving, and we eventually ended up in Clearwater Bay Country Park. I THINK Country Park means it is some kind of national park, as it had trees, bush, lots of insects, and a couple of BBQ areas. We decided to have a walk around despite the overcast sky threatening to open up and rain on us at any minute.

The view wasn’t too bad. Mitchell was fascinated by the boats cruising past.

We found a sign that pointed towards a kite flying site. We followed it, noticing lots of string and paper kites hanging adrift from trees and across the walkway until we came to this area where locals were flying small wax paper kites. They took their sport quite seriously and were trying to get their little kites as high and as far as possible before their line snapped. When the line did snap they just let the kite glide off to land wherever it fell and reeled in what was left of their line, only to pull out another kite from the pile they had and try again. The little kites went long and far, although Mitchell was STILL more interested in the boats. Such a boy!

As the clouds started to open up we headed back to the car wondering if the kite flyers would stop to pick up all the string and kites they had cast adrift over the trees….


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