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Over the mountain

Auckland is built on a field of inactive (dormant) volcanoes. The most stunning of these is in the middle of the Waitamata Harbour – Rangitoto Island. Depending on who you listen to this volcano erupted between 400 and 600 years ago spewing a fire fountain of scoria. Even today so many years after the event, parts of the island are still completely barren. You can only get there by ferry and there are only limited ferry services every day. We took a bushwalk to the summit as the explorer tractors were already fully booked out.

Mitchell was completely taken by the lava flows and spent some time trying to figure out what it was.

It took us about an hour and 3/4 or so to complete but the view at the top was worth it. I was actually pretty proud of the kids too as they had never been on a bushwalk like this before, and certainly not one this long or steep, yet even little Mitchell was able to get to the top.

The view from the top is obviously stunning with an incredible panorama of the Auckland area, it’s harbour and the outer islands that help to create the Hauraki Gulf.

We had to rush to get back down as the last boat for the day left at 3 pm. Mitchell ended up hitching a ride on Uncle Nigel’s shoulders for the trip back down as he found it a lot more difficult going down the track than up, but we made it. Did leave me wondering how many people get stranded on Rangitoto and end up having to sleep overnight under the stars…


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