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Bethany’s Giraffes

It took us a while to get back to Sydney but when we did one of the first places we stopped in was to visit a few of Bethany’s ‘pets’. Bethany has loved giraffes from a very young age and has always been very partial to the giraffes at Taronga Zoo, so she wasn’t going to miss the chance to pop by, grace them with her presence, feed them a carrot and check that the zookeepers are looking after them correctly.

This is the first time Mitchell has been old enough to comprehend what is going on so he wanted to feed the giraffes as well…

Until that blue tongue came out and he dropped the carrot quickly. “EW!!!” he squealed.

The kids had a wonderful time and despite Taronga Zoo being quite expensive these days it is worth the money for the value and enjoyment the kids get out of it. As they get bigger, the questions become more prolific and more challenging, but that is the whole point of a location like a zoo right? To develop and nurture enquiring minds… and let’s face it – the view from Taronga Zoo back to Sydney isn’t too bad either is it?

Mitchell was beyond excited with this wallaby hopped up and let the kids not only approach it  but pat it. He thought it was nice and soft. The wallabies and kangaroos at the zoo never used to be this tame, and it used to be taboo to touch them so it was nice to see they’ve relaxed their attitude a bit (although the volunteers keep a watchful eye to make sure the animals are safe of course). Just a shame they don’t let people give the koalas an occasional pat too…


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