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Oh no – no… Snow?!

When you escape the heat of a Hong Kong summer, why not got the whole hog I say – and escape to the snow. That’s precisely what we decided to do with a trip down to Perisher in the Snowy Mountains (about 5 hours south of Sydney on the East Coast of Australia).

Bethany hadn’t skied since she was 2 ½ but it didn’t take her long to pick it back up and she was skiing down front valley in no time. She now has quite good control of her skis and I am sure if there had been more snow she would have been all over the mountain.

Unfortunately it was the worst period on record with barely any snow… that is, until our 3rd day there when it decided to all out blizzard. Mitchell loved skiing but didn’t like trying to ski in the blizzard conditions and I can’t say I blame him as even the humble snowflakes burnt the face when they hit skin with the winds blowing.

The poor hire car ended up covered in a good few cm’s of ice and snow and we (after an hour of pain) became experienced in putting chains on and taking chains off the hire car.  (If anyone needs lessons on how to put chains on a 2010 holden commodore – I’m your girl! ) Thankfully we had already put the chains on the vehicle before the snow encased it. Just as a side note I can now put chains on a Holden commodore in under 10 minutes for both sides – I’m pretty proud of that achievement.

Our last day in the snow was one of snow play and with all the snow that had dropped we were able to make a snowman and have a few snowball fights.

Bethany also got to make her first ever ‘snow angel’ as the fresh snow was nice and powdery and hadn’t had a chance to turn to ice just quite yet.

The scenery after the snow dump was incredibly beautiful. It is times like that I wish I could use an slr camera to try and truly catch the magic of the moment rather than my little point and click camera.

Bethany now wants to go skiing again for her birthday. Anyone know anywhere on the planet that has outdoor snow and  a proper ski resort open in October? 🙂


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