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Questacon – Canberra

On our way back to Sydney from the snow we decided to make a detour and spend a couple of days in Canberra. Canberra is one of those cities that most people would describe as ‘boring’, after all it is the Australian Capital and full of politicians and federal government departments. However we have always found Canberra is a nice stop along the way for an overnight stay. It has good hotels and good food, and as we discovered this trip a few fun things for the kids to do too.

Questacon is an interactive science museum. It has fantastic facilities for young children to explore, enquire and learn through experiments and play.

They had a small display of animatronic dinosaurs set up in their front area. Bethany was pretending to be ‘too cool’ for a photograph with a T-Rex but she was utterly fascinated by the creatures, asking loads of questions (much to her paleontology-loving mum’s delight). Mitchell on the other hand was scared of the dinosaurs and couldn’t get out of the area and on to something more ‘fun’ quick enough.

In the dedicated kids area Mitchell made a direct line for the cars. To our surprise as soon as he found a spanner and some tools he went straight to work pretending to fix the wheels on the cars.  Bethany meanwhile loved the role-play veterinarian clinic. She checked this dog out thoroughly, including inspecting x-rays before administering a shot and some medicine.

Another area of Questacon was dedicated to carnivals and fairs – the physics and mystic brought together. Titus and I laughed when the kids found ‘Zoltan’. Any of you who know Titus’s love of tacky 80’s movies will know why we were laughing at this particular scene. Thankfully however, whatever Bethany wished for, she didn’t end up BIG.


One thought on “Questacon – Canberra

  1. That first pose of B’s is cracking me up. She LOOKS like a top model! And what a cool museum! I can’t wait until Collin is old enough to take to stuff like that!

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