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Cockington Green

Going for something a little different, we thought a visit to Cockington Green (in Canberra still) might make for an interesting afternoon. If nothing else for the miniature steam train ride for the kids.

The kids loved the miniature train, which we went on first. It also gave them a taste of what was to come as we passed some of the miniature buildings. Mitchell really wished we could have just kept going around and around.

As we began to explore the gardens and discover the different houses and scenes, both Bethany and Mitchell became quite intrigued by what they were seeing. Mitchell was obsessed with the river boats and trains, while Bethany was more curious about the detail and people.

This place is cleverly done. The houses seem to have so much detail, right down to the people, expressions and placement. We all had a lot of fun walking through the gardens exploring the different settings. My favorite was a street scene that had a neighbour hanging from his roof. The setting was so tranquil even the birds would come down to be amongst the scenery.

As well as a lot of traditional British scenery there was also an international section where miniature landmarks from all over the world were represented, often with funding from the various international consulates located in Canberra. Mitchell looked like a giant next to this castle (Ukrainian)… hmmm – maybe the kids did get their ‘BIG’ wish in a way.

There was one life-sized feature in the gardens – the Australian Coat of Arms (A Kangaroo and an Emu). Bethany decided she wanted to strike a pose with the kangaroo in true aussie pride.

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