Hospital / Lisamaree / Mitchell / school / Us

Playing catch up

I haven’t posted in months I know. Disorganisation and a stint in hospital will do that I guess.

In short – we got back from Oz in one piece.

Mitchell started school.

He loves it. He rides the school bus every day with a smile on his face and a skip in his step both going to and from the bus stop. He has a harem of ‘girl’ friends – something I find terribly amusing given he is a boy’s boy (cars, sports .. RAH!).

He also plays tennis once a week too, and loves it.

It is the cutest thing to watch these kids play. The pleasure on Mitchell’s face is the cutest thing when he goes to tennis. He’d play every day of the week if we let him.

Bethany is in Year 2 and settled nicely. She certainly surprised me when she started bringing home chapter books as her nightly readers, so she must be doing ok. She has a great network of friends. So many friends…

You’re probably wondering about the hospital thing I mentioned in my opening sentence. I am not going to go into explicit detail here in the public world, but those of you who know me either know already or can ask. Put simply I had to have urgent surgery, it went somewhat pear-shaped and I ended up in hospital a wee bit longer than anyone anticipated and have had a MUCH longer recovery than wanted or needed. I’ve landed back on my feet now though and hopefully moving forward again. Hopefully…


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