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The kids are on mind-term break this week and it has been so busy it isn’t funny. We’ve had activities or playdates every day. Today some of Bethany’s friends came over to play and decorate cupcakes. Or as I like to think of it – a day of cupcakery.

School children grouped together are an interesting gathering.

For a start conversations like:

“I’m going to marry Michael Jackson”…

“Well *I’m* going to marry Dean Cain”…

“You’re both silly – I’m going to marry [a certain boy in another year 2 class who will remain nameless]”

… and on it went.

Surely this isn’t what normal 6 year olds talk about? I don’t remember talking about people we were going to marry at age 6. Certainly not rock stars and actors.

Then you get complete conversations about nail polish, shades of pink, and what colours of jewellery are the best.

In amongst it they also discussed their favorite sailor scouts. Yep – Bethany and her friends are now starting to move on from shows like Angelina Ballerina to Sailor Moon. I find it scary because if they are talking about Sailor Moon now, what will they be discussing in a few years time when they are – say – 9 or 10?

But I digress. What the girls were here for were cupcakes. I baked up a batch of vanilla cupcakes for the girls to ice. Then I got the girls to help me make the icing. As I may have mentioned before baking is not a regular household activity in most Hong Kong homes, so this was a new experience for them. One of Bethany’s friends stood mesmarised as the KitchenAid did its magic combining the butter and icing sugar into icing. Each girl chose a colour and mixed their own batch of icing. Of course, initially it started out as ‘pink’, ‘pink’ and ‘pink’, so I had to subtly convince the girls it was ok to use more than one colour of icing and they soon clicked that they would be able to share the icing amongst themselves.

After the girls checked that the icing all tasted the same even with different colours, we put it into decorating bags with different decorating tips and the girls got down to work. I also had sprinkles, coloured sugars, silver candy balls and some royal icing flowers I had left over from Bethany’s birthday cake to give them something interesting to create with.

They laughed, giggled and gossiped as they experimented on cupcake after cupcake. Each of them coming up with their own distinctly unique designs. It is interesting how they were keen NOT to mimic each other. They all had their own ideas about what their cupcakes should look like. As they discovered the patterns each decorating tip could create they would think of a way to utilise it.

They were very proud of their creations and by the end of the session they had 12 different cupcakes each to take home to their family that they had decorated themselves. Seeing the delight in their eyes was worth all the mess and hard work.

At the end of the day, doing a cupcake play date is actually quite easy as long as you’re organised enough. At this age the girls are keen to learn and despite the idle gossip pretty focussed on what they want to do. The added bonus is they get to take the labour of their efforts home with them. I know both Bethany’s friend’s mums were delighted and amazed by what their girls brought home.

After cupcakery came… Sailor Moonery(??)…

The girls were striking a pose as they triumphed over evil on behalf of the moon.


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