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Another SUPER Halloween

No need to guess who Bethany wanted for dress up as for Halloween (again) this year.

This year I found this nifty US website that had a pink Supergirl outfit. Pink being Bethany’s favorite colour – she was absolutely elated (and still is) with the costume. Originally she had asked for an UltraWoman costume (a-la Lois and Clark) but unless I got one custom made that wasn’t going to happen. However I might have to check out the spandex range in Shenzhen next time I am there.

Mitchell doesn’t like dressing up at the best of times, but he wanted to wear a Superman t-shirt (refused to wear the cape). He then decided he also wanted to wear a builders hat. It was an odd mix, but he was happy and that’s all that mattered.

The kids got to trick or treat in our apartment complex and came away with a lot of goodies in their Mickey goody containers (gotta LOVE Disneyland). Titus on the other hand enjoyed scaring everyone who came to our place regardless of age (including his own children).

Any guesses what Bethany will be next year?


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