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It’s that time of the year…

December begins. Our little apartment gets its share of Christmas cheer as we pull out the tree and the kids get to decorate it once more.

I’ve relaxed a little now the kids are older and pretty much sit back and let them ‘go for it’ with the decorations. It means the tree is a little bottom heavy and there are patches of extreme decoration, but what is Christmas if not for the kids.

Mitchell is finally old enough to have the dexterity to put most of the ornaments on the tree himself. He had a wonderful time choosing which ornaments he wanted to put on and where. He would laugh, choose an ornament and then become a face of intense concentration as he first chose his branch, then placed the ornament. He was so proud of himself, although he did have a fascination with wanting to be lifted up so he could put a lot of ornaments around the top of the tree. Once we had completed the decorations he stood around the tree looking at all the ornaments quietly delighted. Even more-so when the lights and skiing snowmen (the white ‘track’ around the tree) were turned on. This year he seems to understand that Christmas is about Santa and presents. Meanwhile Bethany is starting to realise at a more theological level and is asking questions about the religious stories associated with Christmas (and presents as well – she is still only 6 after all).

Have a safe and happy festive season from our family to yours.


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