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Christmas is about chocolate

Today it was at least. Our family doesn’t like gingerbread so we have never partaken in the construction of a gingerbread house. We do however like chocolate. When I came across a chocolate mould set to create a christmas house how could I resist. The kids are on holidays so I figure they need lots of different activities to at least try. They were both enthusiastic about the chocolate and after choosing their colours set to work eagerly.

Mitchell worked with red. Surprisingly he needed very little help to fill his chocolate moulds. Bethany meanwhile started with pink and then moved on to green chocolate for her christmas trees after she saw me using green for a part of the chocolate house.

Once the chocolates were set I popped them out of the moulds. Mitchell became very excited when he realised what he had made.

As for the chocolate christmas house?

Here is the end result of our first attempt.

Wonder if we’ll be able to make this a christmas tradition and improve it every time…

For now, it needs to be eaten.


2 thoughts on “Christmas is about chocolate

    • Believe it or not it cost a whole HK$45 (chocolate was extra) from a place called TWINS in Wan Chai. (One of the best bargains I’ve found for baking in Hong Kong).

      They are located on level 1, Simsons Comm Building, 137- 139 Johnston Road, Wan Chai. Near exit A3 of Wan Chai MTR. They don’t open till 12 pm but are open Mon – Sat. From the outside it just looks like an apartment building, and the store itself isnt’ anything flash but don’t let that put you off.

      It is a great place to find some cheaper baking supplies and goods.

      btw, love reading about your family and your journey with Maddy. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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