Bethany / Mitchell


We reached a major milestone with haircuts today for Mitchell. As you might be aware, he doesn’t deal well with getting his haircut. He hates wearing the apron to protect his clothes. He hates the idea of having his hair cut. We normally have to deal with lots of tears and crying and often it ends with him sitting on me or having to hold him down on the horse. We go to a hairdresser called Magic Mirror because they use carousel animals as the hairdressing chairs and play dvds for the kids to watch. While expensive, this helps to distract from what is going on with the hair and makes the drama of getting Mitchell’s hair cut a little less problematic.

Today we had a brief period of crying but it only lasted for a minute or two (as opposed to the 10 minutes it normally lasts). On top of that, Mitchell has never let the hairdressers touch his hair with the electric clippers…

until today!!

He sat there quietly as they buzzed his hair off. Previously they’ve had to cut it all by hand. I was so proud. Mitchell wasn’t phased by it at all and even laughed when the clippers tickled him a little. I know this is trivial for a lot of mums, but this is a HUGE stepping stone for Mitchell.

My happy boy!

Meanwhile, Princess Bethany also allowed her hair to be ‘attended’ to.

Unlike her brother, she thrives with this kind of attention. She love having her hair done. I know I am going to be in a LOT of trouble as she gets older and discovers real salons. he he he


One thought on “Haircut!

  1. Mitchell is so handsome with his haircut! And I seriously can’t stop laughing at the look on B’s face. She is such a little diva. LOVE it.

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