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Christmas to the Tee

A glorious morning in the New Territories of Hong Kong looks like this:

We jumped on a ferry with a group of families from Bethany’s school to have a Christmas Golf Party at Kau Sai Chau Golf Course. Located on an island not far from Sai Kung, the only way to get there is by ferry.

Mitchell loved the boat ride. He observed everything, even commenting on the bow wave of the boat as he tried to plaster his face onto the window to see it properly.

The kids got straight off the ferry and into the driving range. After a 5 minute tutorial they were given their own golf clubs and off they went!

If you are skeptical about the kids hitting the golf ball their first time out you can watch Mitchell hit the ball here, and Bethany hit the ball here. (opens a new window/tab to the videos)

Bethany didn’t want her driving range fun to end and Titus wanted to get involved too.

First he helped Mitchell refine his technique, then he took a few strikes with Bethany’s club. Bethany wasn’t too impressed with daddy crowding in on her style.

Golf practice was followed by a delicious buffet lunch, party games and karaoke for the kids.

Between singing Christmas Carols and Michael Jackson songs the kids were all laughs and smiles. The view from the venue in the golf club wasn’t too bad either.

Doesn’t feel or look like Hong Kong, but it is! We had so much fun. What a great day out both for the kids and ourselves.


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