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Anyone seen some grass you can run on around here??

We ventured out with a quest today. A quest to find a park, but not just any park. We wanted to find a park with grass. Grass you can run on, roll in and sneeze from. You might be thinking – eh – not a biggy – most places you find that. Unfortunately, most places don’t include Hong Kong. Parks here are normally covered in concrete or softcrete and if they do have grass, it is part of the gardens and not for walking on, let alone playing on.

With ball in hand (incase we succeeded in our adventure) we headed to the Peak. Away from the tourist area and shopping mall up a steep road we found a park. Initially the kids only saw the playground – swings and slides.

It wasn’t long until Mitchell spied the grass and dashed off through the small palm trees. Giggling and laughing he started running around the grass before we had even given him the ball. Bethany wasn’t far behind once she has grabbed the ball.

I don’t know if I can describe what a pleasure it is to see my kids ‘free’. To see them playing out in the open (almost) like they would be able to back in Australia. They reveled in the open space and grass while I watched with delight. The kids kicked the ball around, then to each other, then played chase with it. Their imagination worked overtime and I sat back and just let them go for it. In the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong, it is nice to seem them able to let loose every now and then.

Not only that, but they played as a team and as friends. Both being on school holidays they’ve been getting on each others nerves, but out in the open they became best friends again.

Unfortunately the fun had to end when lunch time approached. Since they’d had so much fun and been so good I decided a reward was in order and we headed up to Bubba Gumps in the tourist complex of the Peak. It isn’t a place I would normally go, but it is super kid friendly, and has the novelty of truly awesome views. The kids loved it.

Bethany flipped out when she received her pink lemonade slushie complete with light up glass.

Two very happy and very tired kids today… yep… that’s what I like to see.


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