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Come ride with me…

Yup – It’s another Disneyland post. The kids never grow tired of the place. After a brief driving lesson on Autopia, Bethany announced we were going on Space Mountain. I am always amused when she asks to go on Space Mountain because she hated it the first time she rode it. Never-the-less I enjoy an excuse to go for a wee ride on the only coaster in Hong Kong Disneyland even if it is tame.

We got in line and Bethany announced she was going to ride the roller coaster without holding my hand. My hand is akin to a security blanket for her when the ride speeds up towards the end. I just nodded with an amused smile. I’m not going to discourage her being adventurous or her attempts to try new things.

As a side note here I have to ask… is the (I am assuming) man who designed Space Mountain trying to make up for some personal deficiencies by placing this large phallic object in the departure bay of the ride??

People in line often point and snigger at this little gem hanging from the ceiling with its electrified balls.

he he he


Bethany was pretty confident sitting in the rocket waiting for it to take off.

And not so much afterwards. To her credit though, she didn’t hold my hand at all the whole ride, nor did she scream. She laughed when she saw this photo too (and then begged me to purchase it, so I did). Mind you, the woman behind me seems a little worse for wear… kinda glad she didn’t barf up on me from the look of her.

While in Tomorrowland we also did several rounds on the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters ride.

You ride around with a little laser gun shooting various minions of the evil Emperor Zurg, and Zurg himself. Titus is always smiling on this ride because he scores so highly. The beauty of this ride is there are almost never any serious queues, so it only takes a couple of minutes until you are on the ride.


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