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A baking ‘n making excursion

Bethany and Mitchell were invited to a party over in North Point. It offered them a chance to be creative and have fun with their friends. First up they made cookies. All of the instruction was in Cantonese, yet despite this, Mitchell was calling out the answers in English to the instructors questions – correctly I might add. He obviously understands more Cantonese than we thought which is great! Everyone was given a piping bag full of cookie dough to make their own patterns, then they added chocolate chips and sprinkles on top.

While the cookies were baking, the kids proceeded to decorate ceramic mugs. I wasn’t certain Mitchell would participate in this one. Much to our delight however, he was eager to join in, happily painting away on the side of his mug with lots of colours, including pink.

The kids had so much fun. They got to bring home not only a bag of cookies they had made themselves, but a hand painted mug too!


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