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Mitchell’s Mario Party

Mitchell’s birthday isn’t until next week, however due to daddy going OS for work, we had to bring his party forward. What started as 20-something invites ended up as 32 confirmed children, later blowing out to 35 actual attendees (the increase came from siblings). We hired the same venue Bethany had for her party in October last year as we knew it would be age appropriate and be able to accommodate the number of kids.

I made Mitchell a Mario cake as requested. He was actually nice and easy to draw. I used star tips to do the fill and I think he came out pretty good for a self designed pattern. The white swirls on the sides of the cake were created with fresh whipped cream. The cake itself was a home-made chocolate cake.

The boy of the moment was VERY happy with the cake.

The venue played birthday music for Mitchell, but he was so eager to blow out his candles he didn’t wait for the music to finish!

Food for the day included 3 different pizza’s, jelly cubes, chicken wings, lots of chips and nibblies, Oreo cups (thanks to Pizza Hut) and powerup mushroom sausages. Unfortunately I became so busy with other parents and the party I didn’t find time to take a photo of the food table fully set up. The kids loved the food, and the Mario papercraft. Several of them laughed and screamed at the “chomper” with Maltesers hidden inside. It became a game for them to see who would put their hand in to get a Malteser out. I got several comments even from adults asking how we made the “chomper” – they knew instantly what it was so I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought. We kept the food intentionally simple in the end. An afternoon tea timeframe made things so much easier.

The party favor bags were a huge hit. Everyone loved the idea of how functional it was, and every kid who opened their bag in front of us loved the Angry Bird. So I guess Mitchell’s generation are just as geeky as us.

The birthday boy had a wonderful time. His 2 1/2 hour party ended up lasting 5 hours by the time we dragged him tired and reluctant home. Another party over… time to breath until October…


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