Bethany / Cake Decorating

A new challenge

I’ve always had a curiosity about working with fondant and gumpaste. I finally found the time to do a little bit of experimentation and take the Wilton Gumpaste and Fondant Course at Complete Deelite. The course mostly deals with gumpaste flowers and how to cover a cake in fondant which was a good introduction into the versatility of the different substances. I’m not much of a flowers person, but the beauty of the course was we didn’t HAVE to complete a cake covered in flowers for our final class. As long as we were creative with the fondant and gumpaste, we could do anything as long as it was on a fondant covered cake. After a lot of umm’ing and ah’ing I had 2 different ideas I threw at Bethany for a choice. She chose this:

My gumpaste giraffe is modeled from her nici giraffe. The yellow body is 100 % gumpaste, coloured yellow.

The brown is a chocolate fondant and gumpaste 50/50 mix. He took around 2 to 3 hours to create but I have to say it was so relaxing and so much fun the time just flew by. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making him. He took several days to dry, not helped by the humidity we’ve been experiencing.

I was undecided how to incorporate him with my final cake until the day of the last class, and even then it wasn’t until I had put down my fondant over my cake I decided what I wanted to do.

My final cake ended up looking like this:

Requirements on the final cake were a base covered in fondant, a cake, covered in fondant, use of fondant and gumpaste decorations.

What do you think?

Bethany adored it. Here she is with her ‘real’ giraffe and the cake. She also enjoyed eating it. I have a kid who likes fondant… whadaya know?!


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