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On behalf of the moon…

What do you think of our improvised ‘Sailor Moon’ costume?

Bethany had to dress as her favorite TV character for school. Superman wasn’t appropriate, so her next favorite TV show is Sailor Moon. For those of you who have no idea – Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime character from the 1980’s/1990’s who along with a team of Sailor Scouts (And Tuxedo Mask) vanquished evil.

It was quite a challenge to come up with the costume as Sailor Moon has been off TV for a long time now and there is no merchandise available in Hong Kong. The sailor suit is exactly that – a kids sailor costume. We found 2 large red bows. One was sewn onto the front of the sailor shirt, the other to the back of the sailor shirt. We found a red heart shaped mirror compact and sewed it onto the red bow at the front.

We accessorised with white gloves (which were technically for a princess costume), pink boots (from Pumpkin Patch), a tiara made of yellow card and some big bauble hair-ties (we couldn’t find any red ones).

Funnily enough one of the security guards from our building was calling out “Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon!” to Bethany as we headed out in the morning to wait for her school bus.

Even funnier, none of the kids at her school knew who she was, but the adults did. Bethany was delighted to get to dress as her favorite heroine for the day. We haven’t thrown the costume out as she wants to be able to dress up with it for fun.

“I fight for love and justice. On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!”


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