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Summer is coming…

My little girl is growing up. She’s 6 (going on 16) with a dilemma. The weather here is warming up now. A balmy 28 degrees C outside today had Bethany going through her wardrobe looking at her summer clothes – or there lack of. She had a point and we decided to nip down to H&M to see if they had anything that took her fancy to start filling her summer requirements.

As she gets older, despite being picky on her colours and designs, I am actually having fun taking Bethany clothing shopping. I have never been fashion conscious, so having a daughter (especially so young) who is can be quite an adventure. Bethany roamed the racks of the girls section, flicking through various patterns and designs – seeking out the correct size when she found a piece that took her eye. She was sensible though. She didn’t pass me everything she liked and she tried to balance out the number of pieces she gave me. We ended up walking away with 2 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 2 tank top singlets and 4 t-shirts.

… and a hat. I got Bethany to try it on as a joke. Then was taken aback by how good it looked on her. I wasn’t the only one either. I had a couple of people come up and comment how amazing the hat looked on her – including someone say “You have to buy that” (and no it wasn’t an H&M employee).

As we were headed for the cashier, her eyes set sight on some shoes.

“I don’t have any sandals mummy,” she commented casually.

I wasn’t totally convinced, but I let her look anyway. My daughter has a thing for shoes. She loves shoes. She will admire shoes she isn’t old enough to wear. She was drawn to a pair of pink (is there any other colour?!) sandals with strawberries on them. I rolled my eyes but let her try them on. Scarily, they looked great on her. I reluctantly looked at the price, realised they were pretty cheap given her normal shoe price range and said “OK.” After all, she was correct with her statement – she didn’t have any sandals. Am I too much of a softie?

All up I paid under HK$600 for everything. That’s under AU$75 for 10 pieces of clothing, a hat and a pair of sandals. I think she did pretty well (and didn’t break the bank account). What do you think?


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