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Breakfast – Shelley’s Yard

We had run out of bread, cereal and milk in the house the other day, so I decided to spoil myself with breakfast out instead. One of the places I like to go for a simple cooked breakfast is Shelley’s Yard, right next to the Mid-Level escalators in Soho. (G/F, 14 Shelley Street, Soho, Central Phone 2810 9326)

It used to be The Real Bread Cafe and had the most delicious fresh bread in all of Hong Kong. You used to be able to walk in an buy the breads to take home with a bakery hidden at the back of the restaurant. They still do a selection of breads and the menu is more or less the same, but they don’t seem to have the quantity or variety of breads any more.

Case in point, I ordered Bacon and Eggs on white toast. They had sold out of white toast – it wasn’t even 9 am. Even so, they did have a variety of other whole grain breads to choose from, so I went with Soy and Linseed, accompanied  by a chocolate milkshake.

They do a nice simple cooked breakfast here with several choices. From basics like Bacon and Eggs or Sausages and Eggs to the more difficult Eggs Benedict. They also offer a mixed grill big breakfast for those on the hungry side, or a simple bagel with cream cheese for those with less of an appetite as well as a variety of toasted gourmet sandwiches.

My bacon and eggs was nice. Fresh ingredients, not overcooked and still hot when it arrived. The scrambled eggs were made perfectly – not rubbery or watery, sitting on the toasted Soy and Linseed bread. The toast wasn’t soggy from the eggs either, which is always a good thing.

I don’t mind the chocolate milkshakes here, but they aren’t anything like what we get back in New Zealand. I suppose it is more of a thickshake, but tasty and cool, especially with summer breathing down our backs. Bethany likes their strawberry shakes which are made with real strawberries.

A couple near me ordered a bagel and a cooked breakfast. They commented on how terrible the bagel was. The bagel was served with a sliced tomato and some cream cheese. I suspect the bagels here aren’t anywhere close to what you will find in the USA so their complaint was probably founded. They did enjoy the cooked breakfast though.

This place is conveniently located and generally serves up the meals quite quickly. They also don’t mind if you sit a while and take your time to enjoy your food or drink.

It is a little on the pricey side, and the smokers area often wafts into the main non-smoking area, which is somewhat off-putting. Next time I need to remember to ask for a table further in. I don’t consider it a child friendly venue for the most part because the majority of the tables and chairs are very high. The only normal height tables are either in the smokers area (yuck) or down the back of the restaurant – but those tables are often already in use. If you do take the kids, and I admit Bethany does like to go there, the wait staff are normally friendly, albeit a little inattentive (although that doesn’t change whether the kids are with you or not) and they will try to accommodate for the children.

As far as cooked breakfasts in Hong Kong go, it isn’t too bad if you have a hankering for a western breakfast. The breads, which made this restaurant what it is used to be the real drawcard, and while the breads are still very nice, I can’t help but wonder with the name change if the breads will gradually disappear. I hope not as they’re the primary drawcard for me.


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