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Playing the part…

Last week Bethany had her Year 2 performance. In her class they held speaking auditions to determine the parts, and she came home with lines to practice daily as well as songs to learn to sing. Her class did a story about Systems and Organisation and how it helps us. Bethany got to play the role of Cinderella, who along with Prince Charming needed a system to organise their library of fairy tales. I have to admit I was a little amused when Bethany came home and told me she had been cast as Cinderella, AND that she had several lines. In school, Bethany lacks confidence and hardly speaks up in class… I wondered how on earth she was going to be composed enough to perform on stage.

However she did practice diligently every night on her loud confident voice and delighted in singing the songs (one was from High School Musical and she already knew the words more or less).

We went out shopping to find her a dress. I expected her to choose a traditional Disney princess dress – you know – the blue Cinderella one. However she blew me away when she turned her nose up at the traditional princess dresses. She didn’t even want an medieval english princess dress. Instead she chose to look in the normal section of the store at their girls party dresses. There she picked out an apricot dress that she thought would look good. I just shrugged and let her have it. I’m glad she didn’t want to conform to the Disney mould (as much as I love Disney) and wanted to express her own unique style. The dress only cost me AU$12 – so it was a real bargain too.

Their class had to give the performance for 3 days in a row. We went to the second day performance, which was the first the parents (and siblings) were allowed to attend. She insisted that Mitchell had to be there, and he loved being at the “big school” too.

Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures of the performance itself due to school policy, but here are a couple of pictures of Bethany – one taken just after the performance with her face covered in makeup and the other taken at home of “the dress”.

So, how did she go?

She did AWESOME!

Not only did she have the role of Cinderella, but she also introduced her classes show to the audience. How proud was I! She had a clear voice and really got into character walking around like a princess even when they moved on and off the stage to their places. She wasn’t nervous and you could feel the confidence coming from her. In other words, she ACED it. All my worry about her confidence ebbed away. For a group of 6 and 7 year olds, all the kids in her class did an absolutely amazing job. They all had at least one line to say and pulled it off without any hiccups. The production went for around 45 minutes as they acted, sung and danced.

Now my challenge is how to focus the energy and self-assurance she showed on stage into something similar in her classroom.

I’m such a proud mum! Well done my princess. XD


One thought on “Playing the part…

  1. What a beautiful princess! I love that she didn’t go for the Disney princess costume. That dress she picked out is lovely and perfect.

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