Bethany / Cake Decorating / Mitchell

Fondant Fun

The kids love doing art and crafty things. Play doh is all good and fun, but when they make something with fondant they can let it go hard, put it on a cake and/or EAT it. I was mucking around with fondant and the kids joined in coming up with their own ideas of what they wanted to create.

Bethany wanted to make a pink giraffe, while Mitchell wanted to make a Mario hat.

They laughed and played with the fondant, which in Bethany’s case was 100% gumpaste with some pink colouring, and Mitchell’s was 50% red fondant, 50% gumpaste.

Bethany didn’t want any help, delighted in making the body parts for her animal. Mitchell meanwhile wanted to do the technical aspects – rolling, squishing, cutting, but kept handing the fondant to me to do the final shaping.

The kids love participating in what I am doing. It’s a blessing because I love that they want to do new and interesting things, and a curse, because often what I am doing falls to the wayside while I focus on them. I figure though, we’re only young once, and life is there to experience and have fun right? One thing my kids have a lot of fun with is cooking, baking and crafting.

The end results?

I made the shark – he’s 100% gumpaste, coloured to grey with chocolate fondant eyes.

The Mario hat was mostly made by Mitchell, although I added the little white circle with the M for him.

Bethany made the pink giraffe and freaky looking Mickey Mouse.

All in all good, tasty unhealthy fun. XD


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