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We’ve come so far…

Notice anything special about this picture? Or even the picture from the Fondant Fun post just below this?

Possibly not if you haven’t been following this blog for long. Not only is Mitchell painting, with paint on his hands, but more significantly he is willingly and happily wearing an apron to do so. This is a complete turn around from 6 months back where he would fight and cry and wanted nothing to do with anything arty or crafty because he refused outright to wear an apron. He will wear any apron now. Ok – well not ANY apron because as he will tell you, he is a boy and boys don’t wear pink (his words, not mine). I get paintings home from school now. Normally with a huge grin and a comment like “I made you a painting, AND I wore an apron!” He is as proud of his achievement as we are, and it has opened up a world of different activities for us to do at home – such as the hand print art the kids are doing here.

Painting is so much fun. Especially when you catch Bethany red-handed. he he


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