farm animals / Hong Kong

Farm life – in Hong Kong?!

Check out this big chunk of pork…

We saw this on a farm close to the Hong Kong / China border called Kadoorie Farm. I suppose I should use the word farm loosely here, as these humungous pigs and a bunch of caged chickens were more or less the only “farm” animals on this farm. There were no cows and no sheep. In fact, there wasn’t even any grass. There were a lot of vegetable gardens though, making thorough use of the area, including the mountainside. There were also pink flamingoes, a caiman, some turtles, and an impressive selection of birds of prey – from a sea eagle to barn owls.

This isn’t a real farm. It is more like a small wildlife park, but it does give children here a brief glimpse into living things beyond what they get in a supermarket or wet market. It makes me grateful for all the amazing experiences and opportunities we have in Australia and New Zealand to see real working farms and the life cycle of animals from lambs to sheep to meat. It makes me want to take my kids to feed a lamb and milk a cow when we are back home so they don’t take what they see in a store for granted.

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