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Korean – Sorabol (Hong Kong)

In a city full of amazing cuisine, you might laugh at me when I say it can be so hard to find good food here. However when it comes to certain foods it really is hard to find authentic tasting dishes. Korean food is one of those foods that I’ve had a real hard time finding anything which tastes close to the real thing (from Korea). The irony being, in Sydney we were spoilt for choice with a selection of restaurants offering genuine tasting Korean dishes. In search of a good Korean restaurant, I asked a few Korean acquaintances who live here where they would go for their taste of home, and all of them pointed me in the direction of Sorabol. They have two locations in Hong Kong, so we chose to go to the one on Hong Kong Island ( 17/F., Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay. Phone: 2881 6823).

We ordered a selection of meat and seafood to barbeque at our table as well as a bowl of Sundubu (a hot spicy tofu soup with fresh seafood such as clams and prawn and a raw egg cracked into the soup while it is still bubbling, served in a stone heated bowl).

A selection of Korean side dishes were brought out first. They range from mild to super chilli, but complemented the items we ordered well.

We ordered pork neck, beef short ribs and ox tongue. The meats were fresh, tender and tasty (I didn’t taste the ox tongue so you’ll have to take my husband’s word for it). We cooked them ourselves, yet the wait staff were also observant enough to come over and help when they felt the meat was cooked, and to change the grill when it got too black. We also ordered scallops. They came without the shell, but fresh and of a good size. They were all nice to eat, but really not that different from most other Korean barbeque dishes we have had.

The test of the night came with the arrival of the Sundubu. It was served with a bowl of white rice.

The recommendations were correct. This is the best Sundubu we have tasted so far in Hong Kong. It was rich, creamy and spicy, although a little mild compared to the “real thing”. The tofu was soft and the seafood was fresh and tasty.

Sorabol was a little pricey for the cook your own meat, but the freshness and the Sundubu made it worth the expense.

Will I go back when I get a craving for Korean food? You betcha.

If anyone wants to suggest a place that does an even better Sundubu, let me know.


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