Bethany / New Zealand / Ragdoll Cats

Land of the cute fluffy animals…

We weren’t planning a trip Down Under this year, but due to an illness in the family back home, our plans became pear-shaped and we rushed together a short trip back. Of course, when heading back to that part of the world we can’t go to one country without visiting the other, so we started our trip in New Zealand. The kids were delighted to be in the cool climes, but even more delighted to see their Aunty Fiona and Uncle John and their menagerie of puddy tats and puppy dawgs.

Bethany is rather fond of Marshmallow (pictured above). And Marshmallow is rather fond of the attention Bethany gives her. It’s a purrfect pairing. Marshmallow also produces the most adorable kittens, although it was the wrong time of year while we were there. Marshmallow is a Ragdoll incase you’re curious… Fiona has a fair few as she breeds them, so Bethany thinks she is in cat heaven.

Then of course, there is Lulu. She’s a truly adorable Japanese Spitz. She really is as cute and fluffy as she looks and she loooves cuddles. Bethany loves to give her cuddles so they’re a match made in heaven. A great way to start the trip, the kids could have stayed here the entire time I think. They became the ever eager little helpers – feeding and cleaning litter trays – and with a smile on their faces to boot!


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