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The best ice creamery in New Zealand

Do you know where it is?

Of course, I am overly bias since I have grown up with this particular ice creamery since I was… well… a few months old. That shows you how long this particular place has survived. It hasn’t changed much in that time either except for the fact it always has an amazing range of ice cream flavours to blow you away.

I’m talking about Ollies in the Auckland suburb of Royal Oak. It is right on the infamous round-about and still to this day has the bright red poppy-like flower motif it had when I was just a kid. They keep things like they used to be. Whipped cream, a sprinkle of nuts and a cherry on top is the norm. People used to (maybe they still do) drive from Hamilton (that’s over an hour drive) just  to get one of their amazing ice creams.

See? Good enough to eat. And all fresh. Fresh banana, fresh whipped cream… oh – and I forgot to mention the hot chocolate sauce that just ooozes over the ice cream and under the whipped cream. Mmm… mmm… mmm. No trendy modern boutique style menu here – just the good stuff, done well. The ice creams speak for themselves. The used to do an ice cream shortcake which was absolutely delish and my all time favorite! Unfortunately that one seems to have disappeared from their menu these days. :/

They always have a great range of flavours too. From the classics like hokey pokey, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate to the ever funky bubble gum, orange choc chip, and coconut marshmallow (mmmm). The funky flavours change from time to time and you can of course, pick and choose your scoops.

My kids love the ice creams here too! It’s kind of amazing to think at their age I used to come here and now they get the chance once a year to do the same. I wonder if Ollies will survive the perils of time to still be there when they have kids of their own. Fingers crossed!


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