Australia / Fun / Sydney

Home… temporarily

Hello Sydney! 

Oh, how I’ve missed you! Crossing the harbour bridge (something I used to do on an almost daily basis) and seeing the low-rise skyline, the rich clear blue skies and the harbour itself. We’re home. Only here for 10 days. 10 … oh so short, yet oh so packed days. It is mostly seeing family and friends. Breakfast with one person, lunch with another, dinner with another group. Yet I feel so at peace. So “at home”. There is something about this city that makes me smile and sigh. Unlike Auckland, when I land here I feel I am where I should be. I feel like I belong… not in terms of groups or people, but in contentment. Such a short trip is both a blessing and torture. A blessing to be able to get a fix of all the things we miss – food, shopping, friends, … and torture knowing we won’t be able to do everything, see everything or see everyone we wish we could.

The kids made the most of the gaps we had with frequent visits in the superb stunning summer weather to several parks. Even Mitchell, who only remembers life in Hong Kong, loved the outdoor time in the cool sunshine with the freedom to run wild.

The kids also got to go 10 pin bowling for the first time ever. They were utterly delighted, and so was daddy. It seems to be trendy in Sydney at the moment with several new alleyways seemingly popped up in the last year.

The kids rocked the bumpers, and even their gutter balls left them jumping around with excitement. I wished I could have had the bumpers too. I think I ended up with more gutter balls than anyone else. 😉

Despite being exhausted by the end of two games Mitchell wanted to bowl again, so I think we’re going to have to hunt down some kid-friendly bowling alleys in Hong Kong. The bowling and parks gave them a break from the chaos of racing around to visit and eat with people, and  a chance to have some fun. It may not be a holiday for us, but for the kids we try to balance out the obligations with a wee bit of enjoyment here and there.


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