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A day with the fishies…

The kids had been begging us to go to both Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium while back in Sydney. Given our time constraints and family obligations, we had to make the kids choose which one they wanted to go see. Surprisingly, they both wanted to go visit the sharks at the Aquarium, so off we went.

We parked at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and took the monorail over to the aquarium. You can probably see that “Flat Stanley” joined us too. The kids LOVE riding the monorail. Mitchell calls it the train in the sky.

Sydney city council is trying to get rid of the monorail, and as such you can tell very little money is invested in them these days as the interior of the carriages is looking pretty dated and tired. I find it tragic, as the monorail is a great system for getting around the city and it doesn’t take up valuable ground space or block roads. We’ll make the most of it while we can as I don’t think it will be around for that much longer.

I won’t bore you with much blurb about the aquarium since I think I’ve posted about it two or three times before. I will say the dugong was pretty cool as it was swimming up and over the underwater tunnel instead of just grazing on the tank floor.

The lego displays they had throughout the aquarium were also pretty cool. And as always, the kids utterly adored the aquarium wall where they pretended to catch and pet the sharks as they glided by.



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