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Koala Park

We were driving from lunch in Castle Hill back towards the Northern suburbs and had an hour or so ‘free’ between commitments so we decided, spur of the moment, to nip into the Koala Park at West Pennant Hills on our way. I’ve always know it was small, and driven past it numerous times but never popped in to take a look until now.

Honestly, I wish we hadn’t bothered. I know they have to cover overheads, but it was pretty expensive. The highlight were the dingoes, which were quite active when we were there and close enough to get a good look at. The rest of the place was a bit of a non-event. They had koalas – but you can go to any of the other wildlife parks and see koalas. It wasn’t anything special or show stopping. The wallabies and kangaroos were ok. The emus had laid eggs everywhere in the enclosure they shared with sheep and I was a little surprised they hadn’t been cleaned up or put on display or… something. The whole place felt like it was in a general state of disrepair, although they were doing works to fix up the wallaroo enclosure. And the souvenir shop was an absolute joke – it virtually didn’t exist. Such a shame really as the place does have the potential to be so much more.

The kids thought the place was ok. Bethany patted a few kangaroos and was happy with that, but of all things she said the park was boring. That’s a first for her as she LOVES wildlife parks – especially those with native animals, so something is definitely missing from this place. Such a shame.


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