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Chime-Long Circus

One doesn’t know what to expect from a circus these days. This is true of the Chime-Long circus too. The best way I can describe it is a little Cirque Du Soleil combined with traditional and modern circus acts.

 Clowns joked with each other in extravagant European influenced costumes while acrobats swung, danced and contorted overhead. Visually it was stunning and clever. A pleasant surprise.

This was combined with traditional high wire acrobats, some amazing horses both with and without riders, a very quirky, funny and modern twist on acrobatics with humans dressed as penguins contorting and diving on trampolines and into a dive pool, as well as some dramatic elements such as a water princess floating around the edge of the circus ring.

The only part of the circus that somewhat saddened me was that of the russian bears. Bears riding on bikes, from trikes up to a full on motorbike buzzed around the ring. They performed a variety of tricks after being slathered with what I am going to guess was honey. I was sick to my stomach when they made a bear get up on a tightrope and balance there for what seemed like an eternity wobbling almost uncontrollably. I felt so sad for the bears. I know they are performers, and I am normally fine with animals doing stage antics, but the bear performance was bordering on cruelty for me.

There were a lot of animals in this circus. Most appeared fleetingly. They ranged from the traditional baby elephant through to the more exotic. Flamingoes ran through the centre of the crowds. Pelicans flew over the crowd and settled in the water surrounding the circus ring. Giraffes and a menagerie of wild animals ran around the circus ring. White tigers and a lion sat within the circus ring. Macaws performed flying kamikaze tricks above the crowd. Someone said the safari park closes early so they can prepare the animals for the circus, and if that was indeed true I wouldn’t be surprised. Unlike the bears however, the other animals didn’t seem to be expected to perform extreme stunts. They certainly got a lot of ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’s from the crowd just for walking through the circus tent.

There were a few daredevil acts as well. Motorbikes racing in a sphere of death. They were nothing short of amazing. And then there were these guys.

The wow factor of this performance was fantastic. This ‘human ferris wheel’ was spinning around, a woman in the centre providing the momentum while the guys performed tricks inside and outside of their respective circles as it spun. At one point one of them was blind folded as it spun, having to keep his balance atop his circle.

The finale saw a man fired out of a cannon. I have to say that was a little unspectacular. He didn’t seem to fire very far and it was over very quickly after he spent something like 5 minutes doing safety checks to build the excitement.

This circus was full on and action packed. There were a lot of acts and a lot of variety. The kids loved it and the adults loved it. It had numerous highs despite the major low of the bears. It was a long performance, but thankfully it was only a 5 to 10 minute walk from our hotel room. On the plus side, if you stay at the hotel and get there early enough they have VIP seating for hotel guests which offered great views. I would say it is definitely worth seeing if you’re staying at the Chime-Long resort.


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