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China Safari

Chime Long has a lot of animals. Within the hotel there is a restaurant called the ‘White Tiger Restaurant’. It has a white tiger enclosure as well as a pink flamingo enclosure.

The hotel lobby cafe has another white tiger enclosure with juvenile tigers frolicking in the water and surrounds. These are all teasers for the zoo/safari situated about 5 minutes away by shuttle bus.

This time of year it was really hot while we were there. Mitchell didn’t cope at all. Literally after a few minutes in the walking part of the zoo he was ready to collapse. Poor Titus ended up carrying him almost everywhere. Fortunately, there was a ride-on safari train in the park. Unfortunately, it was at the other side of the park we entered from and there was a long queue. We persevered, constantly trying to keep Mitchell cool while we waited and the queue moved relatively quickly despite the mainland attitude of queue jumping. Mitchell was relieved to have to breeze from the movement of the ‘train’ – it was a tractor-train. We drove around the open safari area where locals with cars are able to drive through at their leisure.

A variety of animals were walking about, eagerly walking up to vehicles hoping for a handout of food. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be too keen to try feeding a camel like that. There were also a number of more dangerous animals. Black rhinos, brown bears, wolves and lions all made an appearance. Every time a ‘train’ pulled up in front of the lion enclosure a keeper would throw raw meat in to rile the lions up. At least we know they’re well fed.

The highlight for Bethany was … you guessed it … the giraffes. They had quite a herd roaming free in the park, or sheltering from the heat, including several baby and young giraffes. You can imagine how excited Bethany was. Mitchell meanwhile had fallen asleep from heat exhaustion – poor thing.

The animals all seemed to be well cared for, and there was an interesting range as well. In the zoo itself there were even more animals, but time and heat meant we didn’t get the chance to explore it fully. Allegedly they even have koala bears there… which would have been amusing to see one outside of its native Australia.

The safari ride took about 1/2 an hour but it was well worth the wait. Having said that, the safari and zoo are no fun in the heat. We definitely want to go back and see the safari park properly when it is cooler so we can all enjoy it.

Bethany and her friends did come away feeling a little giraffe’y themselves. They had so much fun!




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