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Look who’s hanging out at Hong Kong Disneyland until the end of August.

Lightning Mcqueen is there dancing and revving along to a Cars 2 show in front of the castle a couple of times a day. I have to admit, the car is VERY cool. I would drive that in real life. Mitchell is convinced Mcqueen is real and not a cartoon after seeing the car drive around Disneyland. It is unfortunate they aren’t introducing a Cars show permanently. Disney Princesses, Cars and Mickey are HUGE sellers in Hong Kong, so you would think a smart marketer would jump on that popularity bandwagon permanently. Never-the-less, the kids got to see the show and loved it, despite the heat.

They also participated in a secret spy adventure around the park and got to have their photo with some of the new stars in Cars 2, as well as Mater.

Mitchell absolutely LOVES the new movie. It has cars, and cars, and more cars, and planes, and racing, and guns, and spies. All the things Mitchell thinks are fun. Personally, I prefer the original but Disney have obviously got the mix right for their target audience – Mitchell’s age, not mine. I suspect Santa will have a request for Cars 2 from a certain little man in this part of the world.


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