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A taste of New Zealand

One thing that sadly lacks in Hong Kong is milkshakes. You can NOT get a decent down-under style milkshake here. I brought my milkshake maker with me… but *duh* not the metal cups. So we’ve been without the ability to make milkshakes for a while.

Not anymore.

Whilst in New Zealand I was introduced to a place called “Mr Vintage“. They had some truly awesome (although a wee bit pricey) t-shirts. But that wasn’t why I was there. They had plastic milkshake cups, with a little taste of my childhood (and 95% of most kiwi’s childhood) on the side. I decided to risk buying them to see if they would work in my milkshake maker back in Hong Kong.

The longest drink in town… that giraffe has been adorning milkshake cups in New Zealand longer than I remember.

Anyways, as Bethany can attest to, the cups work a treat! They fit with my milkshake maker, and make delish milkshakes. I just wish I’d brought some milkshake syrup back to Hong Kong with us.

What do I use in my milkshakes to get that ‘close to home’ taste?

Ideally, New Zealand brand ice cream. Chocolate Ecstasy is the best flavour for chocolate. With that I mix Pura brand milk. (Do NOT get the “Australia Made Milk” – that’s what it says on the side. But guess what – it’s water with milk compounds *BLEACH*. Always read the labels on products in Hong Kong – you might get a shock.) Optionlly you can add some powdered chocolate – eg Cadbury’s drinking chocolate, but that depends on how chocolately you want the milkshake. Alternatively – the Dreyers Mint Choc Chip is great for creating a mint milkshake. Not as good as the spearmint syrup in New Zealand, but still very refreshing on a hot, humid Hong Kong day.

New Zealand Chocolate Milkshake in Hong Kong

1 good sized scoop of New Zealand Chocolate Ecstasy Ice Cream
1 to 1.5 cups of Pura Milk (this will depend on your milkshake maker)
1 tablespoon drinking chocolate powder (Optional)

Mix on low speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute to combine then mix on high speed for 1 to 2 minutes until light and frothy.

Warning: if you add too much milk your cup will overflow when being mixed, so be conservative to start with until you get a feel for how much your cups can take.


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